When Your Start-Up Can Really Benefit From SEO

when to use SEO

If you’re starting a business, you’re probably not going to make your first sale using SEO.

Nor should you even bother trying to, or hoping for it to happen.

Despite what many people tell you, that isn’t really the point of SEO at all and its bad business advice to employ a long term marketing strategy before you have a short term one.

SEO will play a huge role in your businesses profitability, but not yet. Trust me, its going to be good, but here’s how it needs to happen.

Firstly, you need to test your market, product and traffic levels. We want to do this with a PPC campaign.

You need to make sure that there is actually a market for what it is specifically that you’re selling, other wise no amount of traffic is going to help you, organic or otherwise.

PPC is going to let you understand the search market for your good or service, and specifically, data Analysis during the PPC stage is going to allow you to have geometric increases in profitability.

Pay attention to:

  1. which keywords get the most impressions and clicks
  2. which are the most expensive
  3. which ad copy gets the highest click through ratios and ultimately
  4. which keyword drives the most sales.

Once you’ve got this data, well I think you can see where I’m going with this.

You use it to shape your SEO campaign.

You now know which keywords to target, which title tags to use, and ultimately you have clear data on how to maximize your SEO efforts.

Its time to send in the cavalry.

PPC is your scouting party, your surveillance team, you’re not trying to win the war yet.

You want intel, so that you can aim your artillery cannons and send in the tanks where they can do the most damage.

Now here’s the cool thing when you go from PPC to SEO.

Say for example you’re sending 100 visitors a day to your website, spending $1 per click with PPC, and your offer converts at 3%.

$100 on advertising, $120 in sales.

So you spend $100 on traffic for 100 visitors, and make $20 profit.

Around a 20% ROI, not too bad. Definitely a good start for your business, and great to see some cash flow coming in, but most important is the data you collected about traffic levels and keyword value.

Now imagine you’re spending $0 per click sending 100 visitors a day with SEO, and your offer still converts at 3%.

$0 on Advertising, $120 in sales.

You just made $120 profit, 6x more than with PPC.

Now here’s the other really cool thing.

You’ll notice in your PPC campaigns, that many of your most valuable keywords will get a click through rate of around 1-3%.

That means that for every 100 people that search, you can only get 3 of them on your page.

Organic results are a bit different though you see, because the #1 Google Organic Ranking typically gets a click through rate of around…


So if you can drive 100 hits a day with your PPC keyword with a 1-3% CTR, when you hit number one for that keyword using SEO.

Well, things get kind of interesting don’t they? Potentially 40x more visitors to your site, from a keyword that you KNOW is driving sales.

I told you it was going to be good :)

Even a #4 ranking gets around 10% click through ratio still potentially tripling your sales, and giving you disgustingly large increases in raw profitability because your cost per sale is $0.

Beautiful eh?

But, as I said, you don’t just send in the SEO tanks straight away. You’ve gotta be tactical, and you’ve gotta be willing to put in the PPC scout team so that you can really rock out with this.

Now the other thing to consider is that your SEO traffic won’t cost $0 in real terms, you will have expended time and money for training and links to achieve this, but the ‘cost per click’ from SEO is orders of magnitude less than with PPC, and more traffic on the table for you to get your hands on.

This example is just theoretical, but hopefully it illustrates when SEO can really work wonders for your business and search marketing strategy.

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